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Customer Reviews

When reading ACCA F8 textbooks, it’s really hard to understand. But Steve has simplified F8 study and I really enjoyed it Michael Wong

Customer Reviews

I managed to pass this dreadful p2 paper in June2014 with Steve and Kieran’s help. A big thank you to you Lucy Arif

Customer Reviews

Lots of techniques and mnemonics in the P7 and this is amazingly useful. I have replied on this and passed DEC2013 P7 exam. Ford Hu

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Students Comments

Study ACCA Online At Lesco Group APC For those who may still be wondering what exactly ACCA means; it is an abbreviation that stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It happens to be a body that has the mandate to regulate and certify all the accountants internationally. Well, for every accountant, or those who are aspiring to be accountants, having an ACCA accolade is absolutely the best thing one could ever achieve and it sets the bar very high and positions one in a better position to compete with an advantage in the job market. With that said, there is no other better place where one could ever study ACCA other than at Lesco Group Ltd. Unlike many other teaching entities that offer this lucrative ACCA course, Lesco Group Ltd has taken the teaching caliber a notch higher. Those intending to take up the course can now learn ACCA online. Not many realize this but it comes with enormous pros and cons to the learner. First and for all most, learners will be able to study at the comfort of their homes or even the office. Amazing right? One needs not deal with the hustle to go all the way to the class or a lecture hall which could be very uncomfortable. It is this flexibility; convenience and reliability that makes Lesco Group Ltd stand out among the best. Furthermore, as you train ACCA online this accounting practice center has taken advantage of an innovative study platform that is geared towards ensuring that students are equipped with adequate knowledge that pertains to accountancy which is very easy to use, well planned so that learners can cover the whole syllabus satisfactorily within the stipulated time ahead of accreditation. The syllabus is comprehensive and up to date with the current global standards. With great guidance from a group of expert tutors, learners are guaranteed of passing without any repeats as they study the course with Lesco Group Ltd. They have a marvelous track record of a high passing rate of an overwhelming 95% annually in which they take pride in. Learners get to mature up in this field of accountancy all round as they juggle with other things of their lives. One can study as they travel. It does not matter the geographical location. As long as one has tutorial notes on their smartphones or tablets, you are good to go. Sign up today and be on course to become one of the best accountants.

- Study ACCA Online At Lesco Group APC

The Best Place to Study Your ACCA Course Most of you will agree with me that having an ACCA course is one of the best academic achievements that you will ever have to accomplish in the field of accountancy and there is nothing even better when you get to learn the course at one of the best institutes on offer. It is for this reason therefore that Lesco Group Ltd, a renowned accounting practicing center, was established. In the recent years, this learning fraternity has received worldwide recognition and ovation for its prowess and ingenuity in equipping students with knowledge as far as accounting is concerned. So why should I pursue the ACCA course at Lesco Group Ltd? This is perhaps one of the questions that I am sure are recurring in the minds of many people as they read this. Stick around as I shed more light on this. First and most importantly, this accounting practicing center is fully ratified and accredited to provide ACCA classes by the regulatory and oversight global body. You need not hesitate of its authenticity or legitimacy. Upon graduation, you can be sure that your certification is absolutely genuine. Furthermore, students get the exposure to High Definition infographic videos and Live and at the same time interactive online courses. This kind of acquaintance is aimed at improving the understanding and mastery of accountancy for the desired results at the end of it all. The syllabus coverage is done expansively and according to the schedule set. This is made possible with a very good and innovative study platform that is well personalized to suit each and every ACCA student. The beauty of taking up such a course online is that you can study anywhere regardless of your location. It could be in your home, at your office, as you travel in the comfort of your car or even during your lunch breaks if you are the type of person that keeps a very tight schedule. This plays a huge role in contributing enormously to the success of many students. Lesco Group Ltd boasts of having a team of expert tutors who have the responsibility of tutoring students and providing guidance in the event that students find it necessary. Students are warranted of passing upon completion and this has with no doubt been made possible by the devoted and determined tutors who have the desire of seeing students outclass each other in this career. With a high passing rate of 95%, students rarely get retakes thus making Lesco Group Ltd the best. So enroll today.

- The Best Place to Study Your ACCA Course

Why You Need To Study ACCA Online Over the years, ACCA has always been recognized as one of the most important courses in the quest of becoming an accomplished accountant. Everyone who aspires to become one in future actually knows the significance of this course. By virtue of having such an award in your résumé, you will be able to compete in the job market for the openings that will be available. The course is globally recognized and standardized in the sense that you can meet the accounting standards of any country and even get the chance to work in any country you desire across the world. However, studying ACCA has not always been that easy. First of all, getting even an institution that will provide the best course work for you is even difficult. Furthermore, due to the bulk nature of the course content, the course could be time consuming and you will find that you can actually take up to 3 years to complete the course work and do your final examination which is time that you could be working already and making income. For this reason, many people tend to avoid taking up this course due to its complexity and sophistication as well. For this reason, studying ACCA has been made easier by Lesco Group to make the course much more worthwhile. Thanks to the institution, you can now study ACCA online and enjoy the thrill of the course. As a matter of, there are a couple of benefits that come along while studying the course online. The course work is well, laid out and evenly spread so that you can study the uploaded notes that are according to the standardized syllabus systematically. This way, within a time span of between 1-2 years, you will be done with your course and be guaranteed of passing with good grades. Moreover, not many people do realize that when you study ACCA online, you are able to live juggle up a lot of things surrounding your life than you would have been able to do so had you been going to class every day. You can be able to do your studying literally from anywhere as long as you have an internet enabled device. You can study as you work, from your home, or even as you are travelling. This therefore helps you maximize on the time that you have and get to work on other things as well.

- Why You Need To Study ACCA Online


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